• Highlights an immigrant's journey.
  • 13 minute length.


  • Highlights one individuals' life.
  • Showcases engaging young family members in video creation.
  • Uses humor for entertainment.
  • 20 minute length.
  • Multiple voiceover readers.
  • Highlights genealogical documents.
  • 13 minute length.



So, I got to thinking. How could I make these hours of research more valuable to clients who lack familiarity with the process and documents? What could enable them to share that information with their families and friends? The idea of a video came to me. The video can highlight an individual, a family, a geographic area and much more. Check out some of the family research videos below by clicking on them.


Genealogy research is a lot of hard work. In doing pro bono work for auction winners at my children's schools, I realized that this work is appreciated, but then likely shelved quickly.

After dozens of hours of work, I shared the research with clients. It was presented in the form of a beautiful leather binder. We poured over it together as I explained the documents and report to them. I could tell that they were excited to learn about their families. But afterwards, I always thought "hmmm, I wonder if they will be able to pass it on and explain it to family members?" The answer was, "I doubt it."

  • Includes special visual images.
  • Audio voiceovers.
  • 12 minute length.

  • ​Recreation of old photograph with living family members.

  • Personal introduction.
  • Use of maps.
  • Utilizes zoom effects.
  • 6 minute length.


  • Made for a conference plenary session.
  • 3 minute length.